Decorate your island for Easter and participate in the contest!


You have 1 week to take a photo of your island. During the 2nd week we will publish on the web all the islands at the same time. Youwill be able to see and vote other players islands. All islands will receive the same nÂș of votes.

Best with friends
Invite your friends and plan a fun scene before taking the photo, you'll have a better time and, if your island ranks on the top 1000, they will also get a free gift ;)

Who wins?
You will be deciding! The BoomBang community of players will be able to judge and vote, so the best islands will get the better scores. What are you waiting to participate!? Click on the VOTE button (top right hand corner of this page) to start.

You may only submit ONE Island
Remember: only your last photo will participate. Each player may only send one island photo, if you send more, they will all be deleted and only the last one will participate in the contest.

Can I Vote my own Island?
Click the VOTE button (top right hand corner of this page). We will display random photos from other players for you to judge. The more islands you vote, the higher the possibility that yours appears!